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Scindapsus ‘Mayari’

Scindapsus ‘Mayari’

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Plant for sale can be rooted and unrooted cuttings, or established plants depending on your selection. Plant will have 1-3 leaves. Biggest plants go out first.

These are GROWER’S choice — meaning that you will receive a plant that matches the description, with variegation similar to what is shown in the picture. If you want to receive the exact plants shown, feel free to message us or check out our other listings! 

About the plant:
Scindapsus ‘Mayari’ AKA Scindapsus pictus exotica albo, is an amazing plant to have. The mother plant has amazing genetics and has displayed the most elegant variegation every single leaf. Each leaf is very sparkly on the variegated portions. Absolutely breathtaking! This is a new cultivar named after the Philippine goddess of the moon and beauty.

This is a legitimate specimen of a Scindapsus Mayari, from the same lineage as the original registered clone. As in, this was not found in a big box store to have variegation. This has been grown out from the originator and was selected for stability to maintain variegation. This stability is henceforth why it was accepted as a new cultivar by the International Aroid Society.

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