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Epipremnum ‘Ghost’ (AKA Variegated ‘Cebu Blue’)

Epipremnum ‘Ghost’ (AKA Variegated ‘Cebu Blue’)

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GROWING TIPS: I find the variegation on this plant to be stable. When under stress, the variegation will revert and it will likely show mostly green. However, once reestablished it will return, especially if allowed to climb. Similar to the Paraiso Verde, the variegation is inherent to the plant and can be encouraged with proper growing conditions. 

These are GROWER’S CHOICE — All plants sold will be rooted and actively growing, with visible variegation. Plants will have at least 3 leaves. Largest plants goes out first.

NAMING NOTES: Please note that this plant, the “variegated Cebu Blue”, is also known as the Epipremnum 'Ghost’. As of right now, the distinctions between variants are not well-established and have not been published by the International Aroid Society. 

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